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Re: lpr does not work

> Hi,
> Papers came with mis-aligned but correct content printing if 
> documents were sent from Xterm.
> Papers came without printing if an application did the printing.
> The system used is:
> HP LaserJet IIP
> Pentium II
> Debian 1.3.1 

What kind of documents do you want to print? just plain text,
postscript, or something else? If you want to print postscript,
do you use "magicfilter"?

It's strange that something prints "from xterm" (I take it you mean
that you manually issued the "lpr file" command), and don't print 
from an application, as the application usually also just executes
"lpr file". Only, mostly the application tries to print postscript
files, and maybe some script tries to convert that to LJ-IIP language.
(using magicfilter, gs, whatever). That could go wrong.

Also, what's "mis-aligned"?
                           do you mean that the text
			                            looks like this
(the well known 
               staircase effect)?

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

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