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Re: problems with Jaz partitioning

On  3 Nov, Andy Dougherty let loose with:
> On 2 Nov 1997, David S. Zelinsky wrote:
>> I recently had a problem with my Jaz drive, that Iomega, after giving me quite
>> a run-around, eventually conceded was a bad drive (Jaz Tools couldn't even
>> complete a format).
> I have had similar problems.  I have gone through 5 Jaz drives and 7 disks
> in less than a year.  The longest one lasted was 3 months.  Others have
> failed out-of-the-box.  Iomega has replaced them all under warranty
> (though the last replacement took over a month, and I have racked up a
> fair amount of shipping costs). 
> I have, at various times, tried to use the same Jaz drive with Windows NT,
> Solaris_x86, Solaris_SPARC, and Debian (both stable and unstable)
> distributions.  I have used three different motherboards/SCSI controllers,
> several different cable sets, and two different active terminators.
> I am convinced that the problems are with the Jaz disks and drive, not the
> O.S. or computer.
>> But in my conversations with Iomega's tech support, I was told not to use any
>> formatting tools other than the one provided by Iomega (JazTools, for Win95).
>> They claim that other formatting utilities can destroy the Jaz disk.  They
>> said this is because the Jaz disks use "proprietary hidden tracks, called
>> Z-tracks", and non-Jaz formatters won't handle these correctly.
>> I don't know whether any of this is true, or whether it applies to fsck (they
>> specifically said the Win95 ScanDisk, as well as the Adaptec 2940 BIOS
>> utility, are a no-no's);  and if so, I don't understand how one could cause
>> actual damage to the disk (as opposed to data on the disk).  But that's what
>> they said.
> Hmm.  Iomega support never told me that.  And, their FAX-back service
> actually sends you instructions on how to use other formatting utilities.
> Sounds like they need to get their act together.
>> If anyone can shed any light on this issue, I'd be interested.  As
>> things stand now, I'm a little afraid to put anything on the disk other
>> than the vfat partition made by JazTools. 
> I've also had problems with the Jaz Tools original disk where I didn't
> touch the formatting at all.  In short, I have yet to find the recipe to
> keep my Jaz drives going.
> Keep good backups :-). 
>     Andy Dougherty		doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu

I must say that I find all this strange... I have been using my jaz
drive under both Linux and Win95 with ext2 and vfat-formatted media
with no problems other than one defective disk. 

To be honest though, I don't trust *any* storage media much. After all,
they all fail... so keep *redundant* backups is what I say. ;-)

C ya!
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