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menu : translate_menus problem

Hi !

I have had some problems with menu ( 1.3-2 ) when trying to translate menu
item titles - sometimes it does neither translate , nor print any error
message. I tried a /etc/menu-methods/translate_menus file like this :

substitute section->section
  System/  Apps/System/
substitute section->section
  Games/  Apps/Games/
substitute section->section
  XShells  Xterms

Nothing happened ; The System button was left ( in both fvwm95-2 and
pdmenu , the problem seems to be in update menus , or am I wrong ? ) ,
many games was still in section Games , and the Xshells was still Xshells.

When I moved "Xshells" statement to the topmost position in the file , the
section was changed , and I got a "Xterms" button. Nothing other was
changed. The same happened when I moved the "Games" statement - all but
two games ( why ? ) was moved to Apps/Games.

This seems strange - is only the first statement executed ? What is wrong
with "System" ? What may be wrong ?


Per Eric

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