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Hotteset Computer Hardware Deals On The Planet!

I visited your web site today and wanted to take this opportunity to give you a personal invitation to drop by for a visit to our web site also.
  We are distributors of over 35,000 computer products and feature daily, weekly and monthly "hot deals"    
                    Here are a few examples:
* 4.3 Gb Quantum Bigfoot IDE Hard Drive Only $239 
* 8 & 16 Mb EDO Simm Modules Only $35 & $55
* Media Sound 16 PnP Sound Cards Only $22
* NEC 6X CD ROM 4 CD Changer Only $89
*. Seagate Medalist EIDE 1.7 Gb Hard Drive Now Only $149
* Mustek 30 Bit full color flatbed scanner, plugs into Parallel port EZinstall $139
* Benwin 80 watt computer stereo speakers while they last includes ps only $19.95
* Hotfax communications suite $19.95
* AST Infra Red mouse (wireless) controller $29

voice: (612) 735-6607
fax: (612) 735-3987.

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