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Re: alien problem (bo)

> > Are you running alien from the RAW TEXT CONSOLE? (I mean: not an xterm nor
> > Midnight Commander prompt)
> > I got the same error running dpkg-gencontrol from debian "build", when I
> > was recompiling debian sorce packages. The reason was that I was running
> > build from xterm or Midnight Commander. May be there is the same problem?
> > I hope that this may help
> Hm...Oddly enough, that worked.

I was having similar problems when I was playing with KDE.... alien
wouldn't work and in fact I couldn't even install a Debian package without
it telling me that the gzip package unexpectedly ended.

But if I tried it on a console or in an xterm from Afterstep it worked

There is definately something weird going on.


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