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Re: [OFFTOPIC] cpu idle time

joost witteveen wrote:
> Being a Linux enthousiast, I also like to think that AIX has that
> additional field, because AIX actually does "wait for IO", i.e., while
> waiting for IO it doesn't do run any other jobs in the background.

It's the exact opposite: when a process is "waiting for IO" (for example
in a select() ) that process is put on bottom of the scheduler table and
isn't run until something change (IO or signal).
Thus wait-for-IO is idle time instead than running the process, and this
idle time should be justified: thus the "waiting for IO" field.

There is also another fact about a process running in real-mode (AIX has
a double priority queue for scheduling processes: one is normal unix
mode and the other is real-mode. You can nice a process to run in
real-time, and the other processes will be scheduled during wait-for-IO:
no idle)

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