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Re: Redhat -> Debian PCI problems

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> > Now my question is - does it mean that Debian pci drivers are older that
> > those in Redhat? Why would Redhat work and not Debian? Is the differences
> > that deep? I always thougth the differences were minor.
> The drivers are in the kernel, not in anything added by the distribution.
Thanks for this information. It really encourages me. I was beginning to
think maybe Debian is too slow in adopting drivers.

> Is the kernel make configuration set up to support the tulip card?  Is it 
Yes it has. I have the same card on another Debian machine which works
fine. The only difference between the machines is that I am using a
different motherboard with AMD K6/233.

> recognized in dmesg or 'cat /proc/pci'?  There are some configuration
> options for these cards which may have to be set.
I get a message when the kernel loads that indicates that the system has a
problem with PCI devices. It gives warnings about Unknown PCI device. I
think that is where my problem comes from, but then I did not get that
from Redhat that was installed a few hours ago. 

It may be that I have another problem that is obscured by the PCI stuff.

Daniel J. Mashao -- 
   daniel@comgate.ee.uct.ac.za             http://www.ee.uct.ac.za/~daniel

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