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Re: 2.0.31

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> I've been running it for 24 hours now with no problems, other than the map
> file error at boot up. Lately I have been building my kernels without
> module support. I have heard that some of the modules in .31 don't load
> and unload properly at all times. Is it possible this is your problem?
> That is, are you using kerneld?

Yes, I'm using kerneld. The module that loads and uploads the most here (the
only one that's likely to do so in the night when I'm gone) is the sound
module. My error message I once saw was this: "kite kernel: kernel panic:
skput:over: 0014348c:4008". I dunno what it means. Also, the kernel often
crashes within 2 minutes of bootup. It seems unlikely that a module would be
unloading then.

see shy jo

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