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KDE Questions and Approval ...

Well I spent the day upgrading my system to libc6 so I could install KDE
Beta1.  First off thanks to the KDE team who look like they make have
the beginnings, and more, of a decent X interface... YAY!  (and of course
the debian packagers)

Everything went smoothly but I am left with a couple questions, mostly
wondering whether KDE is a little flakey, I'm a little flakey or the
Debian package is a little flakey :-) ...

1. When I run the "Menu Editor" I get a completely empty configuration
box.  Now it's easy to go from there, but the help seems to think that
there should be two (partially full) menus to start with that I can drag
and drop stuff between.  What's up?

2/ I am having some really weird problems where when I exit the KDE
Window manager I have 4 xconsoles running (I *ONLY* started one) which
have to be manually killed off... this doesn't seem to do happy things.

3/ Somepackages just seem to segfault when I run them.  Are there any
required libs that aren't dependencies?

4/ My desktop is ... well broken?  When I click on any of the icons
(Trash, Templates or Autostart) or try and open them up in KFM it just
hangs, forever.  I've checked the permissions and everything seems okay
but it just doesn't do anything.  If I drag something into one of these
folders it either hangs or tells me that I don't have the permissions to
move it (but I do!, at least to the trash in my home dir).

That mostly summs it up... it has the potential to be *wonderfull* but
there's some quirks to get sorted out yet... I just want to know whose
quirks they are... mine, Debian's or KDE's :-)

All help and comment are much appreciated.


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