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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported? (fwd)

On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 20, 1997 at 12:41:36AM -0200, Nicola Bernardelli wrote:
> >      As you suggested (THANK YOU), Marcus, I got 0.4.2c and it correctly
> > detects size of memory on soundcard: 
> > 
> > AWE32-0.4.2c (RAM4096k)
> I'm lucky to hear this. So there was no need to put the information in the
> header file? Good. I'll include this in my HOWTO.
> > Install was trivial, identical to 0.3.3e in the awe-drv package, just an
> > install.sh script to call and then rebuild the kernel (of course every
> > step is explained).

Well I put the 600/3200 MAX_INFOS/MAX_SAMPLES (or the like) values by hand
as the 0.4.2c install.sh does not ask for them as the 0.3.3e did. A minute

> > I removed the Debian packages and I got and installed by hand everything I
> > found in the binaries directory at Takashi Iwai's web/ftp site. Really
> Did you try to compile the sources? It don't work for me... maybe I should
> take a look at the debian patches.

Yes, actually I fired somthing and had some errors (some macroes not
previously defined, a matter of headers suppose) and _immediately_ turned
to try the prebuilt binaries (as I'm already testing a lot of stuff),
which work. 

> > nice, everything seems to work _very_ fine (expect that I'm not able to
> > test the Netscape plugin yet... not that I'm suffering about it anyway). 
> > NOW (while I pop/send mail, but also tried a fly with ACM!... and was able
> > to land safe of course) drvmidi is playing without any delay some of those
> > sf2demo files... sending by itself the additional soundfont banks to bank1
> > once I've "told" it to. We must ask Takashi Iwai to put his photo in his
> > homepage :-)
> <^^^^^>
> < :-) >
> <,,,,,>

And about the MIDI keyboard:  

> have to dig in my email backlog... I got a few tips, but please 
> ask Britton, too (or is he CC'ed?)

Yes he is. Maybe the tips were from him, some Roland... II, but I would go
on a mute keyoard instead (and use the AWE synth)... if not, me too I can
scan in the folder :-)... Of course I think the opposite than Britton,
that is a weighted keys keyboard would be better to me, though I don't
absolutely have any pianistic technique... it's just that I type on a
computer keyboard already too much each day and don't look forward to take
that taste with me when playing... Was it you or Toersten speaking of
enjoying really making music... "buy a guitar instead...". Yes, my trumpet
is quite another thing that what comes out of the soundcard, not only the
valves I mean but the sound!... and the control I have on it, on each note
attack... it is a true instrument compared to a pseudo one. Anyway, back
to the keyboard: in case I decide, the budget point will be quite
relevant, + room + weight of the thing being that I have no room and I'll
have to move it here and there.


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