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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de wrote:
: Let me say that the awe driver package works just fine with a SB AWE32.
: Don`t know about the 64 yet. Any people tried?

I would suspect that it would work fine with the 64 as well. AFAIK, the
AWE64 is the same as the 32, except for the extra 32 voices. Oh, and the
extra 32 voices are done in software, not hardware, so unless the driver
has support coded specifically for those 32 voices (which implies tying
up the CPU to do this), you'll find you're stuck with the first 32

Fscking "Windoze" hardware.. (generic rant :)

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be the only machine actually capable of running Office '97.
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