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Re: X server or window manager dies when changing virtual terminals.

> > 	I have been having a problem that has now gotten really bad with the 
> > new Netscape 4.03.  When I am using X and change to one of the other 
> > virtual terminals then come back to X the server shuts down and I end 
> > up back at the xdm prompt.  It is almost guaranteed to happen with 
> > Netscape 4.03 and sometimes with tkmail.  It is rare if there are 
> > only xterm or rxvt sessions running.  Any ideas would be great.  
> > Thanks for the help.
> > 
> > 		Chris
> > 
> Have you looked to see what's in .xsession-errors after this problem
> happens?  Don't log back in via xdm, as that would zero it out; switch to
> a text console, log in, and copy the .xsession-errors file to some other
> name so that it won't be overwritten next time you log on via xdm.

I've got an even wierder problem.

Before I disabled acceleration (XAA), I could reliably cause my xserver
to lock up the entire machine -- no external logins, control-alt-delete,

Jon Nelson
U of MN Housing and Res. Life Computing Supervisor

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