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XFree, libc-6 and Netscape


I installed libc-6 and the latest XFree from unstable. This XFree
works only with libc-6 apparently.

Now when I want to run Netscape, which needs libc-5, it cannot find
the X11 libs.

If I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/X11R6/lib, Netscape will find the X11
libs, but it will load both libc-5 and libc-6, resulting in a core

Since the new X11 libs (the ones for use with libc-6) use the same
major version number, it is impossible to have both the old (for use
with libc-5) and the new X11 libs simultaneously.

Q: Should the new X11 lib version not have a new major version number?
   How can I use unstable (libc-6 and the new X11 libs) and use


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