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Remote installation of Debian-Packages ...

Hello !

What i am missing in all Linux-distributions (please
correct me, if i'm wrong), is the possibility to 
install (or de-install or whatever needs to be done)
packages on another machine remotely and/or scheduled.
I experienced, that it is a big thumb-up for decision-
makers if a system is supporting this functionality.

I'm aware off course, that there is a certain
security problem, especially if the sources of the
related software is publically available. One can
not base on the "security" of keys generated at runtime
from compiled-in constants or whatever ... like some
well-known expensive system-management-tools do.
It just would be nice to have a tool, where one can
type in (or read in from a file) a list of machines,
where sth. should be installed at a certain time
(in the night usually). The rexec-tool would make
these things not too difficult, but it would require
the superuser-passwords to be stored in some secure
place, what is somewhat problematic. I have no real
solution for this at hand, just wanted to point out,
that for a large-scale introduction of Linux in the
industry this functionality might become an important
feature ... just my opinion.

Albert Fluegel

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