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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Britton wrote:

> I have the awe driver working with the awe 64, I think.  At any rate the
> module loads without any complaints and I can play sound.  /dev/mixer is
> definately not working right, but this is probably something I'm doing
> wrong.  I havn't actually been able to check the wave table device either
> (I don't really know how yet).

     I'm doing it just today, now I have it working with the awe 64 Gold
(but still must pass via DOS and loadlin, see attachments for the problem
I have here with isapnp; I don't have any other pnp cards; I have tried
putting in the WaveTable section the two addresses suggested on the list
by Torsten Hilbrich but I don't even know if he has the same card... I'll
have to dig into the awe driver faq I suppose, where Torsten itself got
the info if I didn't misunderstand, at

     MIDI files coming from an old (DOS) version of Band-In-A-Box sound as
if some events had sustain/last too long here, also after recompiling the
kernel with the AWE_ACCEPT_ALL_SOUNDS_CONTROL macro defined in the
/usr/src/linux/drivers/sound/lowlevel/awe_config.h header.
     Other MIDI files seem OK, drvmidi works very fine and so does xmixer
(from the multimedia package; I find it more suitable than xmix, but I
think the midi synth volume should go on it instead than on the drvmidi
panel, it should just be as the Creative mixer... or perhaps Creative
should gently... ok, see below). 

     The Netscape plugin: I was not able to test it yet... Just opening a
.mid file with Netscape does not seem to be the way.
     As for the test file /usr/doc/awe/netscape-test.html, I don't see the
mentioned .mid files there... so should I just try connecting to any(?)
WEB site sending midi music? (I heard nothing at the Creative WEB pages.)

(Notice: I will NOT install M$ Internet Explorer nor Web Phone, Linux is
too great to have the will to be running other things after quitting them
one crash after another.) 

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> The Awe driver supports a good part of the AWE32 stuff. AWE64 was never
> intended for other OS than Windows (Creative Labs says, there would be no
> market for Linux, I think the linux community should ignore SB, if they
> ignore us).

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 (Subject: Re: SB AWE 64 versus Soft. Syns. for making
midi...), Marcus Brinkmann wrote: 

> SB cares nuts about the linux community (they say, the market is not 
> important enough; we will see...), so we are on our own. 

     Yes, we'll see. Ok, we are on this thread because we have a SB or
think about buying one... Since January... I was thinking NOT to buy it,
but now my brother got married and he's going to take away his MIDI
keyboard soon, and I use to learn jazz trumpet impro practicing on
"drones"... (Of course I'll miss the keyboard anyway, useful to look for
chords or voicings for some small things of my own, once in a while... 
better than with the guitar, apart that my first instrument is _classical_
guitar and I don't have many pre-built chords positions handy with it [and
don't want to, yet].)

     I suppose lots of professional studioes currently go with MACs +
DigiDesign Tools hardware or the like... I would NOT trust Windog to keep
tracks recorded from professional (possibly great) musicians, and this
opinion is shared by _some_ people _inside_ that job I could talk to (I
met one of them from Detroit just last week and he invited me to his
studio in Germany... and he's also interested on Linux, BTW!).
     Instead I think it is a gift _from_ the Linux community _to_ Creative
Labs the chance to have Creative hardware/software running on such a
fast/robust/flexible system as Linux is.
     And last, I think that a lot of Linux guys (me too apart from my
brother's marriage) hearing about other guys spending hours and hours for
the AWE64 Gold to play as an AWE32 will think twice before buying it,
which is a pity because the card seems a nice product to me... not the
same opinion about Windog.

     BTW, I still have 3.1 here, a wreck, but 95 seems to be at the same
quality level (one friend of mine is still going home<->shop after months
she bought 95 and Office 97 planning to use that stuff for her work) so I
refused to get it. The Steinberg Cubasis Audio software given with the
AWE64 Gold can't work all right almost on Windog 3.1, it doesn't
play/record audio tracks (the small Creative application does it fine...
maybe it's better to start the recording _before_ than starting e.g. a
MIDI playback with the media player, otherwise the Creative recorder [or
some Windog DLL or whatelse] is pessimistic and says the card is used by
another device... and so seems to do the Steinberg software, while the
card has no problems in reproducing while recording, as anyway the
Creative recorder/player and mixer prove). Well, I think I could put some
money on the Steinberg software released for Linux... the complete
professional version I mean... of course it shouldn't assume a Windog GDI
printer is available!!! 

     I'm also curious about a package I found out there for Linux,
SLab-1.0, it could be _VERY_ powerful, as a Un*x platform allows. 
     It requires a kernel with IPC_SHMEM on for the different sound
processes to share sound data most efficiently. I hope that flag _is_ in
the .config options of Debian 1.3.1 kernel, I have the CDs and could try
putting that kernel here in Debian 1.2.4 (yes, time to upgrade the whole
system... but _this_ is working really _OK_ and I'd like to keep it safe
and do an install from scratch on other partitions, as I always did when
moving from one install to another... but then it's time to buy a new hard
disk too :-( and maybe use it to try some takes with the trumpet, too

     Well, after weeks following the threads on the AWEs and midi
keyboards, this turned out to be a pretty long message. I confess that I
already have the temptation to forward something to the Creative people
themselves, but of course I don't want to assume that everybody here
agrees on this move... mmmphhhhhh could remove the quotings and speak for


     Nicola Bernardelli <nbern@mail.protos.it>
     Please use <n.bern@mail.protos.it> for messages from any kind of
robot, such as mailing lists. From that address no autoresponse
messages will come, even when I am away for some days.

Board 1 has Identity 7f 08 3a 2a f0 9e 00 8c 0e:  CTL009e Serial No 138029808 [checksum 7f]
Error occurred executing request 'LD 2' on or around line 60 --- further action aborted
# $Id: pnpdump.c,v 1.8 1997/01/14 21:05:35 fox Exp $
# This is free software, see the sources for details.
# This software has NO WARRANTY, use at your OWN RISK
# For details of this file format, see isapnp.conf(5)
# Trying port address 0203
# Board 1 has serial identifier 7f 08 3a 2a f0 9e 00 8c 0e

(READPORT 0x0203)

# Card 1: (serial identifier 7f 08 3a 2a f0 9e 00 8c 0e)
# CTL009e Serial No 138029808 [checksum 7f]
# Version 1.0, Vendor version 2.0
# ANSI string -->Creative SB AWE64 Gold<--
# Logical device id CTL0044
# Edit the entries below to uncomment out the configuration required.
# Note that only the first value of any range is given, this may be changed if required
# Don't forget to uncomment the activate (ACT Y) when happy

(CONFIGURE CTL009e/138029808 (LD 0
#     ANSI string -->Audio<--
(INT 0 (IRQ 5 (MODE +E)))
(IO 0 (BASE 0x0220))
(IO 1 (BASE 0x0330))
(IO 2 (BASE 0x0388))

# Logical device id CTL7002
# Edit the entries below to uncomment out the configuration required.
# Note that only the first value of any range is given, this may be changed if required
# Don't forget to uncomment the activate (ACT Y) when happy

(CONFIGURE CTL009e/138029808 (LD 1
#     Compatible device id PNPb02f
#     ANSI string -->Game<--
(IO 0 (BASE 0x0200))

# Logical device id CTL0023
# Edit the entries below to uncomment out the configuration required.
# Note that only the first value of any range is given, this may be changed if required
# Don't forget to uncomment the activate (ACT Y) when happy

(CONFIGURE CTL009e/138029808 (LD 2
#     ANSI string -->WaveTable<--
(IO 0 (BASE 0x0620))
(IO 1 (BASE 0x0A20))
(IO 2 (BASE 0x0E20))

# End tag... Checksum 0x00 (OK)

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