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Re: [off topic] Re: ghostscript problem

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Lucas wrote:

> At 10:41 PM 06-10-97 +0200, joost witteveen wrote:
> >
> >...... but that's hamm only.
> >
> Please enlighten me as to the meaning of "hamm" ?

The current project leader of Debian,  Bruce Perens,  works for Pixar,
the computer company that made the "Toy Story" movie in the US.  I think
it was marketed by Disney,  which means it's probably available ALL OVER
the world. 

	Anyway,  it's been a debian inside joke now for a while to name
upcoming releases with codenames taken from the "Toy Story" movie.  I
think Debian 1.2 was "rex",  1.3 was "bo" and now the Debian 2.0
development tree is code-named "hamm".  

	It's lead to some confusion because some people use the "hamm"
links,  some use "unstable",  and some use "2.0".  They're all the same.


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