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re- floppy=thinkpad

Problem :
The suggestion to put "floppy=thinkpad"
into the lilo.conf did not work.

I notice there is a /proc/cmdline
which seems to get built each boot time.

Do you know what creates this ?

Thinking of placing the "floppy=thinkpad"
line where that would be anticipating it
will be used at boot time.

        frank naranjo

>Problem :
>        However, the CD-rom access is still not mounted.
>        and I do not know how access it. There does
>        not seem to be a scsi recognized.
>the dmesg output lists : -----------------------
>Failed initialization of WD-7000 SCSI card!
>PPA: unable to initialize controller at 0x378, error 1
>scsi : 0 hosts.
>scsi : detectotal total.
>I do not remember telling the drivers loaded
>section of the install there was a WD-7000 SCSI card,
>I only selected the "generic scsi drivers" .
>I do not know what "mem_base,irq" to use in the
>boot command :
>Future Domain TMC-8xx/950 tmc8xx=mem_base,irq
>How do you add another driver to debian ?
>for example:
>"Future Domain TMC-8xx/950 tmc8xx=mem_base,irq"
>Does something like this need to be placed into
>the lilo.conf file ?
>under /proc/scsi/scsi it says:---------
>Attached devices: none
>under /proc/devices it contains:--------
>Character devices:
>1 mem
>2 pty
>3 ttyp
>4 ttyS
>5 cua
>6 lp
>7 vcs
>10 misc
>12 tpqic02
>36 netlink
>Block Devices:
>1 ramdisk
>2 fd
>3 ide0
>7 loop
>9 md
>36 ed
>Therefore I do not think the CDrom has been recognized.
>Previously under my NT 4.0 system I had on this 
>thinkpad the Diagnostics described my cd-rom
>as : FutureDomain 8xxx scsi
>and the cdrom device labeled as : IBM CDRM00201
>scsi CD ROM
>scsi port 0
>bus # 0
>At 01:13 PM 10/5/97 +1300, Carey Evans wrote:
>>frank@agetech.net writes:
>>> Problem #1  - I cannot access the floppy on the ThinkPad
>>>              root: linux floppy=thinkpad
>>>              Were is this referenced in the debian install ?
>>For some reason, the Thinkpad inverts the meaning of some floppy
>>control lines.  You always have to put "floppy=thinkpad" when you
>>boot.  The page you get when you press F4 on the install disk lists
>>After installing, you can add a line `append="floppy=thinkpad"' to
>>your /etc/lilo.conf and rerun LILO, to have this happen automatically.
>>> Problem # 2 cannot mount the CD-rom
>>>                 when dselect asks for the block device name
>>>                 what should I give it ? 
>>Probably /dev/scd0, for the first SCSI CD-ROM.  But first the kernel
>>has to recognise the SCSI interface.  The page you get with F5 on the
>>install disk says: "Future Domain TMC-8xx/950 tmc8xx=mem_base,irq" -
>>is this what you've got?
>>Check the boot messages by typing "dmesg | more", and look at the
>>files in /proc, to see what hardware got detected.  Unfortunately I
>>don't have any SCSI hardware ATM.
>>>                 I do not think the CD-rom is mounted.
>>>                 How can I "ls -la" the cdrom ?
>>% mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/scd0 /cdrom
>>% ls -la /cdrom
>>    Carey Evans  <*>  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/  gc

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