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unable to load debian


	I'm trying to load install debian in a 486DX33 w/ 8 megs and I
can't get it to work. 

	The exact specs of the machine are:

	* Intel 486 DX 33
	* Mainboard: UMC, all slots ISA.
	* 8 Meg RAM
	* one 410 Meg Seagate HD (1 80 Meg DOS partition, 1 32 Meg  Linux
Swap, rest, linux)
	* one 100 Meg Samsung HD (all ext2)
	* Mitsumi x2 CD-ROM drive. Propietary interface.
	* 14k4 Modem
	* Trident Video

	What happens is that when I execute boot.bat from the CD, the
kernel hangs after saying that's md enabled...

	If I put an image that works on that PC (used to run Slackware),
and execute boot.bat, the kernel loads but I get the error:

	"VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00"
	"Kernel panic: VFS ..."

	Running it straight after `make zimage` and after rdev zimage 1 0.

	Any help would be greatly appreciated!

	Thanks in advance.

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