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Re: Mystique 220

"A.D.Y. Cheng" <adyc100@hkstar.com> writes:

> I am helping my friend installing debian 1.3.1 from a cdrom. My friend has
> a Mystique 220. Obviously, the xwindow packages in the cdrom does not
> work for this card. I want to ask which new packages should I get from one
> of the ftp sites and what is the correct procedure to install it.

I'm not sure what kind of Mystique I've got in my PC at work, but I
got it working like this:

 1. Download the XFree86 3.3.1 SVGA server package from an XFree86
    mirror site (under binaries).
 2. Uncompress it.
 3. Rename/usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_SVGA as XF86_SVGA.dist (just in case).
 4. Move the extracted XF86_SVGA to /usr/X11R6/bin/.
 5. Continue with xbase-configure like usual.

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