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Re: xdm: killing xconsole after user logs on

On Sun, 5 Oct 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> how can I do this?

You can do this in the Xstartup script, which is run as root after the
user has logged in and before the Xsession script is run. These scripts
are in /etc/X11/xdm on a Debian system. You can simply put a line "killall
xconsole" in Xstartup, but that could lead to undesired behaviour if
different users log in using X at the same time. If that never happens on
your computer, it's safe.

BTW, all scripts with names that end in "_0" are used for display :0 (the
default local display), the other scripts are used for all displays (they
are used for all other displays, but the scripts for :0 source them,
except for the Xsetup_0 script). You can specify which scripts are used
for which displays in /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config.

See "man xdm" for more details.


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