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Using non-US dist w/ dselect

How on earth is this supposed to work?  I have been setting up a mirror.
The debian directory is /ftp/pub/linux/debian, the non-US directory is
/ftp/pub/linux/debian-non-US.  There is a link,
/ftp/pub/linux/debian/local which points to "../debian-non-US".  This
setup used to work:  I have a user who is a member of the group that
owns the non-US dir (to prevent unauthorised access :) whose home dir is
/ftp/pub/linux/debian.  I update via ftp method (I have several
servers), so I login as my "debian ftp" user, specify "." as the dir to
find debian in, and list "stable non-free contrib local" as the dists to
track.  As I said, this used to work.  It works now with the exception
of the "local" link.  The install step says it can't find the Packages
file, even though the update step just worked.

I tried another solution:  I made the /ftp/pub/linux/debian/local link
point at "../debian-non-US/stable" - that found the package file but the
packages would not install.

What's going on here?  Is there an obvious way to do this that's
escaping me?  I recall someone advocating an "empty" non-US link on the
debian web site that woulod somehow assist in this situation ... I
forget the logic behind that.

And yes, I know I can "just use dpkg".  However, users and less
experienced admin had a hard enough time learning dselect ... which is
supposed to be able to "simplify" this process.


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