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Moving and Repartitioning

Not specifically Debian-related, but in a way it is.

I have Linux installed on a 4 Gb disk at home. Of that space, about 1.2 Gb
is in use, by various partitions. I recently bought a Matrox Rainbow Runner,
which is a companion card to the Matrox Mystique. As far as I know though,
there are no Linux drivers for this extension card, otherwise I wouldn't have
to bother with what I'm about to do now.

The card only comes with Windows '95 drivers. (Incidentally: does anyone
know why Windows '95 seems unable to deal with my 4 Gb Seagate ? It keeps
resetting the SCSI-bus. Only disabling the 32-bit diskaccess would work. I
now have the Windows '98 beta, which doesn't seem to suffer from this

The Rainbow Runner is a videoediting card, with hardware MotionJpeg
encoding/decoding, hardware MPEG-1 decoding, and PC->TV capabilities. At
$280 a real bargain and everything seems to be working nicely. However,
videograbbing needs lots of diskspace, so I want to repartition my 4 Gb
disk, 2 Gb for Linux (so I have 800 Mb `elbow room') and 2 Gb for Windows 98
and the videofiles. However, in order to be able to repartition and
reinstall, I need to backup my harddrive and then restore it.

What are the best ways to do this ?

I thought of:

a) creating a gzipped tarfile on my jaz-drive (1 Gb, so I can't just copy it)
   (drawback: tar seems to have some quirks in that it doesn't always
    correctly restores permissions)
b) reinstalling (drawback: needs reconfiguring too, things may accidentally
   be left out)
c) using a backupprogram that allows compressed backups to the Jaz, then
   repartitioning, then restoring.

Any ideas ?

BTW, does Debian incorporate the FAT32 (are there any ?) and NTFS
filesystems yet, as a package ?

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