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non-English Linux use

	Does one have to compile extra support into the kernel in order 
to be able to use accented characters, etc. ? Or is a non-English 
keyboard map sufficient ?  If more than a key.map is needed, what might 
this be ?

	I want to use a keyboard with accented characters. I chose the 
keyboard during the install process and it is installed at boot.  
However, none of the accented characters work.  I get the ascii bell 
instead.  And the control and meta keys don't work properly.  When I am 
in PINE for e-mail, the right control key doesn't do jack, and the left 
one will only work for certain combinations.  For example, I can use ^X 
to send, ^C to cancel, ^R to read a file, but ^O to postpone doesn't 
work, I can't get to the beginning and end of lines with ^A and ^E, and I 
can't mark text, ^^.

	Any comments ?  They'd be much appreciated.  Thanks.

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