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cd-rom drive

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I am trying to install my newly bought Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 from two cd-rom 
disks and am incapaple to get the kernel to recognize my cd-rom drive, a
Toshiba MX-5401B with an Adaptec 1505 scsi contoller. Although according
to the howto´s that I have read it should. I can´t boot directly from my cd-rom,
as I don´t think my controller supports that option, my bios does. Anyways,
having copied the necessary floppies and trying to install the system that way,
when I try to configure the scsi device drivers I don´t seem to be able to find 
the correct command line argument for my controller. Trying to simply install
the base system over cd-rom results in an error as the kernel can´t recognize
my scsi controller. Installing the system over the base 1-5 floppies works ok.
Only when I then try to install the packages by cd-rom I get the message to
"insert the cd-rom and enter the block device name []". This basically leaves
me way up the river with a lot of trees around and unable to recognize the
forest. So, if there is help I would greatly appriciate that, no huury, as I am
doing all this just for fun. Believe it or not, I am nor sure if I am.

Guenther Beust

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