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Re: Bus-Mastered DMA support for Triton Chipset?

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Richard S. Gray wrote:

> understand a little more about what is going on.  Shouldn't a channel be
> allocated for the ide drive?  Or does this form of DMA bypass the DMA
> controller found on the main board.  If yes then does this mean that the
> DMA controller is actually on the drive itself?  When I cat
> /proc/ioports I get:

With PCI 'DMA' is mearly the PCI device directly acessing system memory.
It does't use a DMA channel and it is unlikely there is even a DMA
controller (like with the ISA bus) involved. 

This is what is called PCI Bus Mastering DMA, meaning the PCI device
controls the DMA operation. There is also ISA Bus Mastering DMA, but it
does require a DMA channel.


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