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Re: How to multitask in X-windows?

wicked@ziplink.net wrote:
>Actually your both right because my question can go both ways it doesnt
>matter they both are helpful BUT,i tried both ways and they dont work for
>example if i enter X and start netscape and then go back to Xterm i cant
>enter any commands its locked until i kill netscape,i tried it only with
>Xterm i opened two Xterms but the first one didnt work after i opened the
>second one.Then tried the Virtual way Ctrl-alt-Fx and when i did that and a
>new logon screen came on and then when i went back to X there was no X
>there was a shell screen and it showed all the usual commands when X starts
>and it was locked.and i cant do anything so i have to kill it.Do you have
>to be running XDM for it to work?Or do you have any idea why this wont

>From your original xterm, add an "&" to the end of your commands to put
the new job in the background and still be able to use the original

kayak-> xterm &
kayak-> netscape &

The first command will open a new xterm and and return the prompt in the
original xterm.  The second command will start netscape and return the
prompt.  The prompt in this case is "kayak-> ".

I assume xdm is being started on virtual console 1.  The X screen is on
the screen one number above your highest virtual console.  For example,
on my system ctrl-alt-F1 thru F6 will switch to virtual consoles. 
ctrl-alt-f7 (or just alt-f7) will switch back to my X screen.

You might want to get a beginner's book on unix/x.  I think the Linux
documentation project has a beginner's guide which covers issues like
this.  O'Reilly generally publishes good unix books as well.

Lee Bradshaw

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