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Re: Menu errors [fixed]

On Sep 29, Will Lowe wrote
> On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Joey Hess wrote:
> > You seem to have a number of executable menu files. Look in /usr/lib/menu
> > and /etc/menu - remove the executable permissions of any files there that
> > are executable (and file bugs on the packages that placed them there.)
> Ah,  yes.  It was /var/lib/menu/fvwm95 ... a simple "sudo chmod -x fvwm95"
> seems to have been the fix,  and I've filed a bug against fvwm95.  

Why does this cause a problem - surely update-menus only needs read
permission on the files - any other permissions are just "extra".

I aggree the permissions shouldn't be there, and that a bug report should
be filed against fvwm95, but I've been bitten by the same "feature" :-(

NB: This "feature" was still present in menu 1.5-2.


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