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Re: Enlightenment setup

Adrian Monk hat gesagt: // Adrian Monk wrote:

> When firing up X (startx) with Enlightenment as wm the following error
> message appears:
> Cannot load root image:
> /usr/local/enlightenment/images/default/background.jpg
> Quitting...
> Any ideas, anyone? Background.jpg is in the specified directory. Both
> ImageMagick and Imlib are on the system (which is Debian 1.3.1)
> Adrian Monk

What version of Enlightenment are you using? The current ones keep all
images, menu- and button-definitions in a tar(gz)ball, a so called theme
e.g. DEFAULT. Take a tar-look (tar tzvf DEFAULT) in your theme to see if
background.jpg is there. It should be possible to extract a theme ball
into a directory, but I have seen this fail with enl_DR10 on my machine.
Now I "use" [so slow :(] enl_DR12.

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