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Re: flip binary

Akbar Jaffer wrote:
> Hi I am including this binary which flips the screen on an xserver
> for a few seconds and then sets it back to normal. I was wondering
> if you have seen this before and if you know or can point me to the
> right person to find out "what exactly this binary is doing" as in the
> guts of the program?

This program is in debian in the xflip package. (I assume it's the same one,
I can't run the sparc binary you attached to make sure ;-) You can look at 
the source.

What I think it does is, it graps a snapshot of the screen, then pops up a
window that covers the whole screen, paints it with the snapshot it took,
and then modifies it to make it look like the screen is flipping.

see shy jo

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