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Re: Translation Table Syntax Errors?

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997 liiwi@dlc.fi wrote:

> >> > I have encountered the same problem. I have downgraded several packages
> >> > and then re-upgraded them. I have tracked it down to be either xlib6_3.3-6
> >> > or xlib6g_3.3-6 that is causing this problem. Downgrading xlib6 to 3.3-4
> >> > and downgrading enough packages so that I could remove xlib6g (because it
> >> > conflicts with xlib6_3.3-4) solved the problem. I have been using
> >> > xlib6_3.3-5 and xlib6g_3.3-5 without this problem, but I couldn't find
> >> > these packages anywhere. If anybody knows where I can download xlib6_3.3-5
> >> > and/or xlib6g_3.3-5, I could take an even more close look at it.
> >> 
> >> Sorry, but unfortunately, I don't have the -5 version of the libraries.
> >> 
> >> Since I only have a couple of packages that I use which are affected I will
> >> wait.  I can do without Mosaic and nedit temporarily until things are fixed.
>  This also caused Netscape to crash with bus-error, without even starting. 
>  Downgrading to xlib6_3.3-5 cured this totally. If you want all 700k of it, it's
>  still in my "backup-mirror-storage-whatever" partition. 

This definatly looks like you've been bit by the same bug I've discovered
and reported (xlib6 wasn't linked with '-lc').  A quick "mostly-fix" of
the problem is to make sure that '/usr/lib/libc5-compat' is below
'/usr/X11R6/lib' in your /etc/ld.so.conf file and rerun ldconfig.  This
may temporarily remedy the problem.

>  BTW. Where are (if any) the changelogs for the X packages?

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