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xemacs and mail

i've decided to give xemacs another go and see if i like it any better than
i did last time :-).  

i'm running it with viper, so at least most of the vi keys that i'm used
to are still there.  I don't like emacs keybindings and am not willing
to change to them. i like vi.

i'm also beginning to like gnus a lot. it is, as many people have said,
the best newsreader around. gnus is actually the reason i'm willing to
spend some time on xemacs again. gnus and viper make it worth the effort
i think.

however, what's missing is a good simple mail client...one that doesn't
do weird things to my mail folders.  I need to read my mail from many
different machines. currently i use pine and imap for that, and it works
well.  I've tried both the mail clients which come with the xemacs20
package (VM and MH).  I don't like either...they've got lots of features
but don't work in the way that i want them to.

VM isn't too far wrong, but it's horribly slow...which makes xemacs
unusable. try loading a 6MB mail spool file (e.g. a few weeks worth
of debian-user :-) to see what i mean....it's slower than pine, and
doesn't allow you to switch to another xemacs frame/window to work on
something else while it's loading/sorting/whatever. it wouldn't be so
bad if xemacs was multi-threaded but it isn't.

features i need:

    - multiple mail directories
    e.g.  ~/Mail/Lists/debian/users/incoming could contain numerous mail
    folders such as "incoming", "9707", "9708", etc.  optional extra would 
    be for transparent decompression of files like "9701.gz"

    - multiple incoming folders
    e.g.  ~/Mail/Lists/debian/users/incoming

    - imap support would be good.  in fact, all of the above could be done
      with an imap implementation similar to pine's.

    - pgp and mime, of course.

    - search, selection, and operations (save, delete, fwd, etc) on selected
      messages similar to how pine does it now.

i guess what i'm looking for is a blend of xemacs/gnus and pine/elm.

anyone know of an email client for xemacs which does this?


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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