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Re: X problem after update from REX to BO (detailed error messages now)

> I took a look at the output of the X server in an earlier post and it
> already uses xfs for the fonts. But you have to configure xfs so that it
> looks in the right place for the fonts. Take a look at the 'catalogue'
> line in /etc/X11/xfs/config. You have to set this to exactly the set of
> font dirs that you have. Xfs is very unforgiving if you specify an
> unexisting or empty directory (dumps core on my computer). I encountered
> the same problem when I wanted to start using xfs for the fonts and found
> that I had to remove the '100dpi' directory from the 'catalogue' line. It
> now works fine for me.

What is the xfs for?  Why using it?  Though I don't this daemon, I have
no problem using X11.

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