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Re: make-kpkg error....

>    AUUgh! Bug! Bug, I say! this should be reported.
>    Earlier in the build process, the architecture is set so:
>architecture:=$(shell dpkg --print-architecture)
>    What does dpkg --print-architecture show?
The following:

dpkg: unexpected output from `gcc --print-libgcc-file-name':
dpkg: compiler libgcc filename not understood: no gcc-lib component

> what's in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf?
The following:

# This file is used by kernel-package (>2.0) to provide a means of the site
# admin to over-ride settings in the distributed debian.rules. Typically
# thus is used to set maintainer information, as well as the priority
# field. However, one may hack a full makefile in here (you should
# really know what you are doing here if you do that, though)

# Please change the maintainer information, as well as the debian version
# below, (and maybe the priority as well, espescially if you are uploading
# an official package)

# The maintainer information.
maintainer := Martin Waller
email := martin.m.e.j.waller@gbjha.zeneca.com

# Priority of this version (or urgency, as dchanges would call it)
priority := Low

# This is the debian revision number (defaulted to 1.0 in debian.rules)
# You may leave it commented out if you use the wrapper script, or
# if you create just one kernel-image package per linux kernel revision
# debian := 1.0

>    what version of kernel-package is being used?

Dunno...the one that came with Debian 1.3.1...

> Something is
 >strange on this machine, since if it were a general problem, I would
 >have been deafened by the howls of outrage that would naturally
>    manoj

The response from dpkg --print-architecture (the gcc stuff) reminds me that 
i had a problem with gcc.  Trying to run gcc came up with:

gcc installation problem:
cannot find 'cc1':no such file or directory

(g++ similarly gave

gcc installation problem:
cannot find 'cc1plus':no such file or directory)

This was from a Debian 1.2 installation - removing gcc and re-installing 
made no difference, so i fixed it with a kludge:

ln -s /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/ /usr/bin/cc1

I have since upgraded to Debian 1.3.1, which i thought replaced the gcc from 

Perhaps not - then the problem is with my gcc installation it appears.

Where can i get info on setting it up properly manually?  De- and then 
re-installing the gcc *.deb stuff makes no difference.



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