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Dear sir/madam,

      I have a trouble on setting up my CD-ROM. My CD-ROM is a ATAPI/E-IDE CD-ROM. When I select to install driver, my systems ask for:

     [ENTER COMMAND-LINE Arguments                                     	]
     [                                                                                           	]
     [Please enter any command-line argument for the aztcd module	]

Can you please tell me what to enter for the "command-line argument.

Another problem is when every time I start Linux, it will stop for a long time (around 15-20 minutes) at :

     [While configuring BusLogic Host Adapter at I/O Address 0x230:	]
     [							            	]
     [HOST ADAPTER STATUS REGISTER = 06   		         	]
     [HOST ADAPTER ERROR CODE = 76			         	]

Can you please tell me what is "Host Adapter" and what I have to do to solve this problem?


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