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Re: Setting up X

Farhad Manjoo hat gesagt: // Farhad Manjoo wrote:

> Hi.
> 	I'm new to Linux/Debian. Everything was going well until it came time to
> set up X windows. The trouble is I can't get X to install my mouse.
> 	I know that it's a ps/2 mouse and that there's something called gpm also
> running. I don't know what this is. gpm says that my mouse is on
> /dev/ttyS0. Is this correct?
> 	In the debian installation, I did choose to install the mouse module.
> 	I just can't think what could be wrong.

You have to make sure, that you use the _same_ mouse device for X and gpm. 
If your ps/2-mouse is on /dev/psaux, you have to say this while configuring
gpm with "/usr/sbin/gpmconfig" AND say this while configuring X 
(e.g. with "/usr/sbin/xbase-configure").

Otherwise gpm and X start fighting for your mouse, 
and the winner is: GPM  (because it starts first!)

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