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Re: HELP: problems compiling wine

In message <341FB179.529D@rf.no>, writes:
  >gcc -o wine controls/controls.o files/files.o graphics/graphics.o
  >graphics/metafiledrv/metafiledrv.o graphics/x11drv/x11drv.o ipc/ipc.o
  >loader/loader.o memory/memory.o misc/misc.o msdos/msdos.o
  >multimedia/multimedia.o objects/objects.o resources/resources.o
  >scheduler/scheduler.o win32/win32.o windows/windows.o
  >debugger/debugger.o graphics/win16drv/win16drv.o if1632/if1632.o
  >miscemu/miscemu.o   -lXpm -lXext -lX11  -lm
  >ld: cannot open -lXpm: No such file or directory
  >make: *** [wine] Error 1
  >However libXpm is on the system. 

Try adding `-L /usr/X11R6/lib' to the command line, so that gcc knows where
to look for libXpm.  I think that, by default, it only looks in /lib
and in /usr/lib.

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