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Re: Printer Advice: HP 870C or Epson Stylus 800

According to Civ Kevin F. Havener <havenerk@thunder.safb.af.mil>:
> I'm contemplating buying one of the two subject printers.  Has anyone out 
> there used either of these two printers under Linux?
> 	Easy to use under Linux is the key criteria.
> 	Color printing is "nice to have" but most of my important printing  
> 		needs are black and white.
> 	Will use ghostscript.
> 	Epson has optional postscript.  Anyone know what this is?  
> 		Appears to be software (like ghostscript) that emulates 
> 		postscript.  Is it OS dependent as I suspect (resides 
> 		on my computer) or is it actually installed into the printer?
> Any clues you can give me are appreciated.

I just recently upgraded from an old NEC pinwriter to the
Epson stylus color 800.  I use magicfilter for printing and
installation was as easy as it could be.  After upgrading
to ghostscript 4.x I could even print in color up to 720dpi.
Ghostscript 5 even supports Epson's 1440dpi, but I'll wait
for the debian package.

I don't know anything about the postscript option, though.

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