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xdm, xinit and startx problem

I have my fvwm95..43a running with very few problems.  One of these
problems is indicated by not being able to run programs in the menus.  
For instance, under the utilities menu (left click on the desktop) there is
a  menu item  called 'Running Processes' which is supposed to display 
a list of running processes, by way of the program 'top'.  When this item 
is selected, the xterm window comes up but the message that appears is :

	xterm: Can't execvp top

'top' will not start from this menu item.  However, if I start an xterm
window and start 'top' from the prompt, it runs just fine with no problems
at all.  Also, if I kill the xdm process and restart Xwindows with
'startx' or 'xinit', then the 'Running Processes' (top) item works
normally.  If  Xwindows is started with the 'xdm' command, the 'Running
Processes' item does not work and I still get the 'Can't execvp top'
message.  There is also a problem running Xman from any of the Help or
Manual Pages menu items with a message such as 'Xman warning: 
Something went wrong trying to run the command: cd /usr/man :  
gunzip....... {and so on}.

I'm at a loss to find the problem and the scripts make very little sense to
me. Any suggestions?  My installation is all debian with the exception of
fvwm95..43a. X 3.3-3 is installed and all the default scripts are in place,
svga server
and the  2.0.27 kernel.



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