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Re: www.linuxhq.com

Unfortunately, the site is gone. The following is the story I got from
a Deja News search:

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LinuxHQ has been my little pet project for over a year, and it has
been a very enjoyable venture.  Recently, the company I work for
bought another company in California (I'm in Texas).  I now spend
about 75% of my time traveling and it is simply impossible for me to
keep the site updated with the rapid changes that take place with
Linux development.

I tried for a few weeks to pull it off, but between long distance
phone calls into my system and not having any access, it simply didn't

I've received several emails (hundreds) asking why the site was so out
of date, many were asking politely but most were more angry that I
hadn't kept up the system.  

I've tried many times to recruit some help, but it has never panned
out. So, In light of the fact that I am no longer in a position to
maintain the site and it was also costing me a little over $350 per
month to maintain the connection and ISDN line, I decided it was time
to shut it down.  If I couldn't do it right, I didn't see any reason
in doing it at all.

I'm leaving again for two more weeks later today and won't have access
to email for that time.  I hope that folks will understand why it had
to come to an end and hopefully someday I'll be able to provide a
little bit back to the Linux community again.

BTW, the domain linuxhq.com will be removed as well, if someone else
wants to try and pickup where I left off, the domain should be
available in a few days thru internic.

Thank you for your query, I hope I've answered your questions to your
satisfaction.  I'll miss the interaction I had with all the Linux
users and developers, I have certainly gained much from the experience
and hope that I've been able to help others along the way.

Good Luck!

Mark Evans

------------ end --------------

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