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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Mike wrote:

> Nils Rennebarth wrote:
> >No, it's just vice versa. Upload speed with 56k Modem (from you to your
> >provider) is 56k. From your provider to you it's still 33.6 maximum,
> Bullsh*t. Go read something on the subject. Upload is 33, download is 56.
> Otherwise it would be impossible to sell 56k modems, because no one does
> more uploading than downloading.

Easy now.  Not everyone can be as informed as you.  

I work with a local computer store, which currently has its Internet
presence through a dedicated modem.  Your download is their upload, so
there's a concrete example of more upload than download.

On a different angle, what about the FCC rules which essentially limit 56k
modems to 51 or 53k?  I know practically nothing about it, except that I
read it somewhere in Network World, I believe.  Back when I was a student
and took a class on Communication and Information Systems, we derived that
the theoretical maximum bandwidth of a phone line was really about 34kbps,
so it doesn't surprise me that there are all of these restrictions on 56k


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