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Re: uuencode/uudecode?

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Alan Eugene Davis wrote:

> I am disappointed at the state of uuencode in recent Debian
> distributions.  The man page for uuencode was extremely helpful in
> former packages---showing an explicit command line for mailing any
> file in uuencoded format.
> Where can I find that package?  Or how would I do it now?
> The command I am trying to use is:
>   cat FILE | tar -c - | gzip -c | uuencode file.tar.gz | mail <email@address>
A look at the Contents file tells me that uuencode is in the package
sharutils (found in the utils section of the distribution). Your command
line above looks somewhatlike the example in the man page, so it should
work once you install the sharutils package.


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