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Re: afterstep icons

>>>>> "lc29b50" == lc29b50  <Lei.Chen@m.cc.utah.edu> writes:

    lc29b50> On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, David wrote:
    >> I have had the same problem...but I have installed both Xload,
    >> and Xproc.  I still am mising the top icon also.  Maybe we both
    >> have something messed up?...or maybe it is a bug? I don't know.
    >> If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help me out.

    lc29b50> ITS NOT A BUG. You are missing xbiff. xload is a file in
    lc29b50> the package xproc. You need to install xcontrib (i think)
    lc29b50> which contains xbiff. If you are missing either xbiff or
    lc29b50> xload, 3 icons will be missing: afterstep, mailbox, and
    lc29b50> load graph

>From my experiences, there are 2 conditions that can cause the
AfterStep icons to go poof; a missing package as has been covered or
running the X server in 8 bpp. This at least holds true on an
S3 with 2MB. YMMV.

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