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Re: read-only root and usr partitions

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> It's best for now to mount root for write and /usr read-only. Under
> normal operations I think the files in /etc are only written at
> system start-up and shut-down (and during backups) and it might be
> possible to have root read-only at other times. The _dates_ in /dev
> are changed but the actual files are not except for the case of named
> pipes or unix-domain sockets that are created there by some daemons
> (lpd?). I think that stuff belongs in /tmp, not /dev.

There are a few other cases.  /etc/mtab for example is written
whenever mount is used.

> I think it's desirable to be able to run with a read-only root, especially
> since we are so close to being able to do it now, but it's not my highest
> priority. I'd be interested in seeing others work on it.

I agree.  However, it does cause problems when security is a priority.
I'm hoping that the FHS will address this issue.  When it is released,
we might want to focus on this.

Jean Pierre

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