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Re: read-only root and usr partitions

"Paul J. Thompson" <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> writes:

> thanks for the response.  it seems like quite an undertaking, however
> -- a lot more files then i expected.  maybe it really isn't a reality
> to mount root read-only but a better idea to simply keep it very
> regularly backed up.  maybe, however, usr can still be mounted
> read-only.  do you know of any files there which would prohibit this?

I keep /usr mounted read-only, and I remount it read-write before I
install a new package.  (OK, I remount it read-write _after_ dpkg
fails the first time.)  Nearly anything writing there is a bug.

There a two things I know of:

/usr/src/linux needs to be rw.  /usr/src should be a different
partition or, like I have here, a symlink to /var/src (or /home/src).

XFree86 3.3-3 has a bug where it needs to write to
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/compiled.  This is symlinked to
../../../../../var/lib/xkb here as a temprorary measure.

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