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Re: Prompt in Bash

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Lawrence wrote:

> Is it possible to do it in tcsh?

Yes, this is from the O'Reilly book "Using csh & tcsh".  I use this at
work on SunOS 4.1.4 running tcsh.  There are two files involved, your
.cshrc (or .tchsrc) and another little file ~/.settitle.

===== .cshrc ======

# Set prompt display

if (xterm =~ $TERM) then
    source ~/.settitle
    set prompt = "%~ % "
    alias setprompt 'set prompt = "%~ % "'
    alias cd 'cd \!*;setprompt'
    alias pushd 'pushd \!*;setprompt'
    alias popd  'popd \!*; setprompt'

==== ~/.settitle  ======

# .settitle - display path location in xterm title bar

alias settitle 'echo -n "2;$cwdttitle
alias cd 'cd \!*;settitle'
alias pushd 'pushd \!*;settitle'
alias popd 'popd \!*;settitle'

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