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Re: Date in mail headers

On 03-Sep-97 George Bonser wrote:
>I STRONGLY disagree.  I want to know when you wrote it ... not when it
>arrived here.  If a mail was delayed a day or two in route, it might
>completely change how I look at the information in the email.  Example, a
>put-down of Princess Diana might be viewed in poor taste if it arrives
>after she died but might be perfectly acceptable expression of opinion if
>authored three days earlier and delayed in route.

  I could easily be using a custom mail client, and the 'date' field is
created when I write it.  But nothing says I have to actually send it
when I write it.  I can wait a day or two, and then hit the return key
to send it.

  The first system stamp, is the stamp of the original receiver, telling
when the email started it's 'email route'.  And thus the most reliable
source as to when the email was sent.  As it is the system that makes
these stamps when the email passes by, and not the user,

  However, the 'Date' field is displayed on my screen when I view my
email.  And It is therefore for display and will be in locale format,
in many situations.

...just me

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