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Re: a problem

Martin Bees wrote:
> I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with a
> small problem concerning the boot disk of Debian/Linux
> (+all other Linux versions).
> Simply, version 2.0.29 boot disks crash on my Laptop
> shortly after it probes for the PCI devices.
> It says unrecognized PCI device and then crashes,
> saying "Unknown PCI device (1039:5107)."
> Version 1.2.3 boot disk almost works but apparently
> fails to recognize 3 PCI devices.
> It says:
> Unknown PCI device.  PCI vendor id=1c.  PCI dev id=5107
> -----------------------------------18   -----------9660
> -----------------------------------119b -----------1221

This message is not harmful and probably has nothing to do with
the crash. Are you booting from CD? Many computers can't seem to 
boot from CD (including the two I've tried it on!).
> but recognizes other devices (Hitachi_dk225A-21, CD-211E ATAPI,
> ide0, ide1,  mcd=0x300,10 floppy drive fd0 1.44M,  FDC0 is a
> post-1991 82007, serial driver ver 4.11, PS/2 pointing dev.)

If I remember correctly, the mcd device is for the proprietary 
Mitsumi CD interface, but you say you have an ATAPI drive. This could
be a problem.
> My laptop is a Zitech Notebook (TFT, Pentium 166MHz, 32MB)
> with a 3COM 589D card that doesn't seem to be recognized at all.

pcmcia ethernet must be loaded after the boot, at least for the 
debian install. Sorry.
> Not everything works on ver 1.2.3
> (like the net, and I'm missing
> most of the useful stuff anyway).
> The proc/pci file says:
> bus 0    dev 0     func 0
>     host bridge:  Silicon Integrated Systems 85C501 (rev 0)
> bus 0    dev 1     func 0
>     ISA bridge :  Silicon Integrated Systems 85C503 (rev 1)
>         I would be most grateful if you had any suggestions/ideas...
>         I would really like to boot the ver 2.0.30 CD anyway.

If it crashes during the boot how do you get /proc/pci output?

Jens B. Jorgensen

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