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Re: Is PPP helping me?

Aldrin Leal wrote:
> Hello!
>      I was building a proxy system yesterday, and i had a strange trouble.
>      I've installed Linux, set up everything. A Dream of a Intranet. I can
> ping back and forth between the ether.
>      Set up pppd. But, when firing up, it messes up my routes. I cannot
> ping home anymore. I even can't ping everything on the net who passes over
> the remote router.
>      Any hints? Any faulty bug related to this? How can i fix this up
> without losing my faith in Smart Linux Boxes? :]

You must be passing the defaultroute option to pppd. This option may
be specified on the pppd command line or in the /etc/ppp/options
file. Remove this option.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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