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Re: Date in mail headers

On 03-Sep-97 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
>Hm, interesting thought.. Right now it does sort by the Date: line which
>is quite nice, it puts all the messages in thread order, unless people
>have mis-set clocks ;> Sorting by the recived line would likely be the
>same as not sorting at all though.

  I am using XF-Mail, except that I compiled it myself... with locales on.  The
date line that is created is normal.  The standard states, that if there
are non us-ascii characters in header lines, they should be quoted printables.

  The 'date' line is also created by the end users program... and not by the
system.  But the 'Received line is the stamp the system gives.  It should
thus make more sense to parse the 'Received' line to decypher the date,
rather than the date line.  The first 'Received' line in the chain, should
also give the same date.

...just me

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