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Re: Undefined reference to '...'

On 03-Sep-97 Gonzalo A. Diethelm wrote:
>The only official way sanctioned by the upcoming C++ ANSI/ISO standard
>to instantiate templates is to explicitly mention the types you want
>to use for instantiation. All of the repository techniques that exist,
>some better, some worse, are not standard and that's one reason why
>you do this differently on each platform.
>If you ask me, explicit instantiation is the correct way, because it
>gives you the control on where, when and how many times (hopefully
>just once!) you instantiate something.

  I went to some length to code my object, so they had a common
ancestor that would be independant of their superclass.  The object
should be the same for any classes sharing it (instantiated only
once).  However, the method I can use with GCC forces me to
instantiate it once, for every object that shares it.  This way the
object oriented mechanism is really lost, except in making the
source code more readable, imho.

  There have been a lot of good pointers on the subject in this
thread... and I haven't been able to try out the egcs distribution
yet, but I'm working on it.  And I'm looking forward to seeing a
better light tomorrow :-)

...just me

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